Best CRM software for small business UK

Best Customer Relationship Management For Small Business UK

What Is CRM Software?

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. It is simply software that manages all kinds of interactions between your company and the customers and potential ones. This software aims at a simple goal to grow your business and improve the quality of services that your business offers. CRM simply is a customer relationship management software.

CRM software will help your business to build systems that improve sales and customer satisfaction in many ways.

CRM is better described as a comprehensive system rather than a tool. It connects different sections of your business, gaining the maximum benefit. CRM will help your business in terms of contacts and sales management. CRM tools nowadays can help manage the whole cycle of the customer lifecycle with your business. It can also help drive sales, online sales, and marketing and work towards customer satisfaction.

CRM software solutions can also focus on the connections between your business and individuals. This CRM solution will help you organize the relationship with clients, audience, suppliers, and your employees. This may include finding new customers, supporting your clients, and servicing their businesses more fully.

CRM software is a new way to manage your business. It gives you and your team a novel strategy to achieve the best business results. CRM software can do tasks such as storing contact information, recording business transactions, and managing marketing strategies.

CRM will provide your team with data more efficiently in a more organized way. Anyone working with you can access all the data concerning customers, sales, and human resources. This availability of data makes your business more productive and enhances growth. Smaller companies will benefit even more from this technology, allowing the startup to grow faster in an organized way.

How can a CRM benefit your small business?

We will show you how CRM software can improve your company in simple points to help you while deciding whether you will need to use one or not.

  • Contacts organization.

The contact management software will help you reach and categorize every content and related data easier. CRM will allow you to merge all associated data on each content in one place. These details include cell phone numbers, social media accounts, business information, emails, and many more.

  • Create a customer persona.

After gathering all your customers’ data in a single place, the CRM will help you learn more about them. You will know what type of persons are more likely to be your customers. This will help you to modify your marketing plan and use targeted ads to reach all potential customers. The identified persona will also help you deliver a more personalized experience for your user.

  • Monitor different operations.

CRM software produces reports monitoring your business performance in many departments. It will provide you with a detailed reporting system for things like sales, marketing, campaigns, customer data, and more. Reviewing these reports regularly will help you find problems and solve them, improve growth, and find out how the whole investment is doing. Information on sales and your trending products can show you how to get more from your current sales process.

  • Save time and money.

Using a good CRM tool will allow you to automate different processes that would usually take hours of paid work to finish. Tasks like data entry would be from the past, which will allow you more free time for developing your business.

The ability to monitor your business closely in terms of sales activities, customer support, and performance is a guaranteed way for fast growth and gaining more money.

We can safely assume that the CRM system lays the foundation of your business’s success.

If you are concerned about the budget, then don’t worry there are great free CRM software options. Later in this article we will show you a few of the best free CRM options. These options include agile crm, zoho, salesforce, and more.

 What to look for when choosing the CRM for your business?

There is many CRM software out there; in this section, we will show you the basic features you need to look for in your potential CRM software.

  • Simple user experience

When you work with a small team on your startup, you need simple software with an easy user interface. Complex platforms will not be the best idea in those situations. Look for CRM software that does not require a lot of training. You should be able to start implementing the software into your system in a few days. Your perfect CRM should provide easy access and compiling information.

  • Customizable software.

Usually, startups do many things in their way rather than known systems. With this information kept in mind, you should look for software that provides the most customization options. This will give you great versatility in organizing the business.

  • Process automation.

Automation is a blessing if you know when to use it. This can help you avoid working on repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Automation will be helpful with many jobs such as email marketing, data entry, customer service, and information updating.

  • Reliable customer support.

Good CRM software companies have helpful customer service. They can help you understand the software faster and use it properly in a shorter time. Usually, your small business does not yet have an IT department, so you will rely on customer support to answer any questions and solve problems quickly.

  • Social media support.

A sound CRM software system will provide multiple tools to monitor your business’s performance through social media. A few years ago, someone would argue that social media tools are a good bonus.

However, in 2021 no one can doubt the importance of monitoring your business through the eyes of social media. You need to know what people are saying about your business. You also need to provide customer support and problem-solving through social media platforms.

This may happen through private messaging or even in public posts. Being aware of the people’s opinions and transparent about the issues in your business is a great way to grow.

  • Budget-friendly plans.

Price is usually the main concern for startups seeking to use CRM tools. When your budget is tight, you need to ensure that you are getting the most for what you are paying.

Look for smaller plans with you provide,r or even try free techniques before subscribing to make sure they will benefit your business from the start.

In the rest of the article we will be helping you to find the best CRM for small business. We will discuss some of the best CRM solutions in the market. We know that your budget is tight and you will be looking for the best CRM software. Many of these services have a free version so you can try it freely. We hope that this list helps you compare the best available CRM software solutions in the market.


Hubspot CRM is an excellent tool to update your company on your current sales, marketing, and management status. It is an excellent choice a crm software for small business.

This process is seamless and easy. It will help your team to save some time.

Hubspot can also integrate more than 300 applications and services. This includes WordPress, lead management software as OptinMonster, marketing companies, and email management software. It can also be easily connected to email services likes Gmail and Outlook to record the email activity automatically.


  • Hubspot is easy to use with a friendly interface that you get used to in a short time. The learning curve of the software can be cut into shorter periods using tutorials and customer support.
  • Real-time reporting and data management with the different team members. Templates are a great tool that saves a lot of time for the employee instead of rewriting the emails again.
  • Email tracking allows you to know when a potential client opens an email.
  • All transactions ongoing among the clients and employees are plotted and recorded.


1.Hubspot pricing is only suitable for official enterprises, and it can be difficult to afford for small startups.

2.Leads can be challenging to organize.

3. The mobile application of HubSpot CRM could be a lot better. It only allows you to monitor the status of the customer request without being able to respond to it.


Zoho CRM is a well-known CRM platform that offers multiple features and can change the way you run your business at all. Zoho introduces many customization options that can keep up with growing teams and startups.

Zoho offers many valuable tools that we will show you in the following lines:

1.SalesSignals: This is a service that notifies your employees when any customers or potential clients interact with any channel concerning your product. These interactions may include visiting your website, mentions for your brand on social media, or opening your marketing emails.

2.SalesIQ: it is a valuable add-on that provides you with live chats, statistics based on your performance, and the behavior of your clients. This includes time spent on website and clicks; all the data is added to its respective clients so that the sales reps will have all the data needed about each client.

3.Artificial intelligence: AI features add a lot of functionality to the CRM, such as tracking customers’ data. After that, the system will suggest specific orders as the best time to reach out to each client or predicting the success of any process. The AI software predicts the success of each lead on a scale from 1 to 100.

4.Flexibility: Zoho is customizable in many ways; for example, you can create buttons that connect you directly to a particular action, such as the “create a proposal” button associated with your proposal software.

5.Additional features: Zoho is not limited to CRM software; it also has valuable additions such as Zoho power dialer and other products for human resources accounting, social media, email campaigns, and surveys.

Zoho can be used freely for three users or in a paid plan that starts from $12/month.


In spite of being the top CRM software and used by many giant companies, it still offers one of the best user experiences for small businesses. It is a great choice as a CRM software for small businesses.

The company offers delicate and slick tools. They are fully integrated with countless services and platforms that you may be using. Salesforce offers the best-detailed insights related to your performance and customers’ behavior in the market.

The wide range of services offered in the tool is unparalleled, it offers a lot of software tools. As a startup, you may not need all these features, however, Salesforce has great customer support and tutorials to show you the way at the beginning.

Salesforce customers are clients of all sizes so make sure you will easily find a place in their community.

How can Salesforce help your business?

  • Salesforce aims to improve your sales numbers and improve the efficiency of the process. The CRM will automate many of the tasks saving you money and time.
  • Salesforce will improve your customer service using its tailored and intuitive solutions. Your clients will come back more often and they will be happier to deal with your business.
  • Salesforce offers multiple plans according to your business’s size. Their plans include embedded services such as cloud services, advisory services, and success plans.
  • The prices of the plan vary greatly as it starts from £20/user per month for the Lightning essentials plan reaching upto £240/user per month for the lightning unlimited. The basic plans offer less expensive options for a limited number of users.However, the unlimited plan allows you full access and support to the CRM’s services.

Salesforce is an easy CRM recommendation despite your business’s size. Using their CRM modules can be a single step that takes your growth to the next level.


Insightly is one of the most popular CRM services. It has more than 1.5 million active users all over the globe. It is famous for its friendly interface and easy use. It is a famous choice for small businesses.

It allows easy accessibility for any team member.The system can be accesed online, using the mobile app. Insightly also integrates with multiple different services. This allows you to collect all the relevant data in one place. These services include Gmail, and Evernote.

The dashboard of the CRM software shows a live feed of different parameters concerning your business, giving you a quick idea about the performance. You can also customize your own user interface easily. Insightly is may be the best free CRM software nowadays. it remains a great solution for small businesses.

How can Insightly help your business?

  • Improving your relationship with your customers, this occurs by discovering new leads, creating new partnerships, and planning your sales process making it more efficient and automated.
  • Connect all the databases in one place and integrate it in one place connecting with all email apps at once.
  • Data Encryption and safeguard ensures the safety of your all information and backups.
  • Plan all your projects on the CRM software as you can set schedules, assign tasks and determine deadlines.

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