The marketing

La démarche marketing : segmentation et positionnement

La démarche marketing consiste bien souvent à trouver les moyens de mettre en avant un avantage différentiel qui apporte une valeur ajoutée. Celle-ci vise à pousser les acheteurs à choisir le produit ou la marque de l’entreprise plutôt qu’un produit ou une marque de la concurrence. Il est devenu rare de découvrir des besoins essentiels …

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Conclusions and recommendations, Microfinance

Conclusions and recommendations, Microfinance

CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS – CHAPTER 6 6.1 Introduction The researcher, in this chapter intends to provide his own view regarding the research area, to answer the research questions, and evaluate the research objectives which were highlighted in earlier Chapter One. 6.2 Research Questions Review The series of three questions presented in Chapter One were structured …

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Position of Respondents expressed in percentage

Microfinance industry in Cameroon

PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS OF DATA – CHAPTER 4 4.1     Introduction This Chapter intends to present analyses conducted on the responses from the survey instrument (questionnaire) with the use of SPSS. To do so, the author will analyze the characteristics of the respondents and classify all the 16 questions included in the questionnaire under the following …

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Microfinance in Cameroon

What is Microfinance?

2.2 What is Microfinance? 2.3.1    Definition and Characteristics Microfinance as defined by Steel et al (2004) refers to small financial transactions with low-income households and micro enterprises (both urban and rural) using non-standard methodologies such as character-based lending, group guarantees and short-term repeat loans. Fernando (2006) also emphasized that what makes the microfinance scheme a …

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Customer Relationship Management

CRM Applications and Technology

2.1.5 Customer Relationship Management CRM Applications and Technology According to Barton (2002) there is a dynamic shift in today’s Customer Relationship Management CRM marketplace. He categorizes Customer Relationship Management CRM life cycles into two where he said a close butting head has been taking place. The two life cycles are Client/ Server technology and Web-based, …

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Microfinance Industry – Research Problem, Question and Objectives

Microfinance Industry – Chapter 1 Introduction : This Chapter provides a breakdown of the research content. The reader is to be provided a sense of the task the author is about to highlight in terms of past research work done and gaps, the research problem/question down to the methodology employed and the delimitation faced during …

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