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Best CRM systems for small businesses

Best CRM systems for small businesses
Running a small business appears to be one of the greatest challenges there is on the current market. Depending on the niche you are activating with your business, the waves of the market can be so high that you can be quickly swept off your feet without even realizing.
Also, in comparison with larger businesses, smaller ones do not have the strength, financially speaking, to repair big damages. Still, with the right tools and methods, you can slowly develop a small business and turn it into something successful. It requires patience, dedication and work to make it, but it is definitely a possibility. And since a company, big or small, cannot function properly without a customer service, here are the CRM systems that can fit the condition of your business.

  • Batchbook

It is a very useful tool for customer management, which also comes at an affordable price, costing only $20 per month. Also, if you are not sure about purchasing it right from the start, you can subscribe for a 30-day trial. It has a to-do list, reporting tools, various ways to learn about your customers, task assignment to each team member, and keeps a history of all your communication with the company’s customers. This last feature is very important if you want to have a look at previous communications with a contact.

  • Capsule CRM

It has a clean interface, being user-friendly, so it is an excellent tool for people that never had any contact with CRM systems before. It has only five icons, which can be used for the main tasks of CRM. It covers incoming tasks, adding contacts, special sales feature, cases that are open and unsolved, and the possibility to keep a calendar. The system even has a free basic plan to get started with. But even if you choose the professional plan, you won’t pay more than $12 every month.

  • ContactMe

A great and easy CRM system that will help you with contact sorting, managing all sort of spreadsheets and documents, e-mails, reminders, tools for reporting and many more. It is quite complex and helpful considering you have to pay only $7.42 per month to use it. This one does not have a free membership, but you can use the 14-day trial if you want to make sure that this system fits your needs.

  • Netsuite CRM+

If you have a budget that looks a little bit better, perhaps you will afford to pay the monthly fee of $129. You will get plenty of features for that money. For instance, it is a cloud system, offering real-time data about your customers, from all points of view. It has quite a complex dashboard, which may seem a bit challenging for people that never dealt with CRM before, but it offers features like showing quotes, order statuses, even forecasts of your sales. The system can also be operated using any mobile device, as it is compatible with any mobile operating system. So it is a solution for business owners that wish to pass to another level.

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